Custom Control Panel

The Custom Control Panel is the central location where all user's login information, security and settings are maintained for all other VEMAX products.  All of our applications are secured with a login so the software knows who is accessing the application.  Each application reads all the settings for that user during the login process and automatically configures itself for that user.

Custom Control Panel Features:

Users List:
The Users List is where a designated Configuration Manager sets up and manages the list of users of the other VEMAX products.  Users can be deactivated simply by unchecking the Active box.  If the Active box is unchecked then that user no longer has access to any VEMAX software.

Security and Settings:
The Users List is where a designated Configuration Manager grants users access to any number of the VEMAX products.  Each VEMAX application has a variety of security settings that are either specific to each user or for the entire agency.  The copy settings feature makes if quick and each to apply the same settings to multiple users.

Organizational Groups:
Users can be organized into any number of Security Groups, Work Groups, Regions, and Resource Groups.  The multi-user selection forms make setting up multiple users for these groups quick and easy.
VEMAX Custom Control Panel
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