Data Manager Designer (formally known as Asset Register Designer)

Data Manager Designer is our generic application building tool that is used to create any custom data-entry forms that are needed.  These are the forms that become available to the end users of Data Manager.  No programming experience is necessary to build simple applications because Data Manager handles all the behind-the-scenes tasks like key generation, etc.  However the built-in scripting engine enables the configuration managers to build very complex and extremely powerful applications.  Even though Data Manager Designer is very easy to use, some of our clients prefer that VEMAX builds the data-entry forms for them therefore we provide that as a service giving our clients the ultimate in flexibility.

Data Manager Designer Features:

Form Designer:
The advanced built-in form designer makes the possibilities endless for the data-entry forms that can be created.
The Form Designer includes many controls:
Buttons, Check boxes, Radio Buttons.
Labels, Edit boxes, Date Edit (drop-down calendar), Drop Down Lookup combo boxes,
Grid, Chart,
Group Boxes, Panels, Tab Control, Splitter Control, Images,
GIS map (with support for ESRI and GeoMedia), Google Map, GPS component,
and many more.

Scripting Engine:
No scripting is required for a complete data-entry form because Data Manager handles all the complex database processing like automatic key generation behind the scenes.  However the Form Designer includes a complete and very advanced scripting engine enabling the configuration Manager to create some very complex forms complete with custom business rules, data processing, and many other programming tasks that may be required.

There are no limits to how many data-entry forms can be created so simple navigation to these forms is very important.  Easily create configurations and groups to organize the views in a logical and straightforward manner.

Database Driven:

All the configurations are stored in a central database so any users in the entire organization can be given access to any number of configurations (and specific forms).

Table Creation and Maintenance:
Databases consist of one or more tables; usually many tables.  Data Manager Designer includes the ability for the Configuration Manager to create as many tables as needed.  All data types in MS SQL Server are supported.

Query Builder:
The built-in query builder makes creating a Master/Detail data-entry form very easy.  Data Manager automatically handles the referential integrity relationship between the multiple tables based on how the tables are joined in the query builder.

Configuration Import/Export:
Some applications are just too complex for a non-technical Configuration Manager to handle.  We provide the service of doing the complex programming for our clients.  For this very reason, we added the ability to import and export an entire configuration (or any number of forms within the configuration).  When are have completed the complex tasks, we export the configuration and send it to the Configuration Manager to import.  This is all done without adding any burden to the client's IT staff.  Some of our clients prefer that we provide all the development tasks.  In those cases Data Manager Designer is not needed by the client at all; just Data Manager.

MS SQL Server Databases:
Supported database engines are Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher.
VEMAX Data Manager Designer
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