Data Viewer Designer

Data Viewer Designer is the tool that designated configuration managers use to set up the Data Views that will be available to the users of Data Viewer.   Anyone can use Data Viewer and Data Viewer Designer without any database experience. 

Data Viewer Designer Features:
Data Viewer Designer enables a person nominated as the configuration manager to:

   Select, organize and view the data you want to see
Create progress meters and categorize fields to aid in analysis of data
Create detailed or summary views from the selected data
Keep your data safe by limiting access to the view to specific users
Create custom configurations for specific users to present the data they need
View data in a chart or grid
Define a navigator hierarchy to display views in a logical fashion

Query Builder:
The built-in Query Builder makes it quick and easy to build the queries, without any knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL), that Data Viewer uses to display the data to the end user.  Easy to use drag and drop operation to select tables and fields.  Use joins to display data from multiple tables in a single view.  Data of different formats can be combined into one view without changes to the original data.
Use powerful SQL operations to apply inner and outer joins.

Powerful Form Report Designer:

Data Viewer Designer comes with a built-in form report designer to create simple or advanced formatted reports to be displayed, printed, or exported in Data Viewer.  The Form Report Designer enables you to layout the report anyway you like including multiple nested sub-reports.

Multi-column Grouping and Sorting:

Data Viewer supports both multi-column grouping and multi-column sorting; two very useful data manipulation features.   Use together or individually to display the information your organization requires.

Binning Scheme Designer:
Quickly and easily create advanced categories of various types of data.  Multiple columns of data can be analyzed and automatically output to a unique value based on a custom criteria for each of those values.

Field Info List:
The Field Info List is grid that lists all the columns that will be displayed in Data Viewer.  There are a lot of very power features in this list.  This is where Bins and Calculated fields are added including support for complex mathematical expressions.  The built-in expression build makes easy work of any complex math that needs to be added.

There are no limits to how many views and reports can be created so simple navigation to these views is very important.  Easily create configurations and groups to organize the views in a logical and straightforward manner. 

Database Driven:
All the configurations are stored in a central database so any users in the entire organization can be given access to any number of configurations (and specific Data Views).

Data View Selection:
Hundreds of Data Views can be created but not all users of Data Viewer need to see all those Data Views.  Some Data Views are created for Managers, some for analysts, some for support staff.  The  Data View Selection screen makes the task of assigning multiple Data Views to multiple users very quick and easy; just the click of a few buttons.

MS SQL Server and Oracle Databases:
Supported database engines are Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher as well as Oracle.
Connect to powerful databases to utilize all the power of SQL Server.
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