Maintenance Management System (MMS)

MMS is a flexible, modular Windows based software tool designed to assist maintenance managers and staff in:
1) planning;
2) organizing;
3) tracking; and,
4) reviewing, day to day maintenance tasks as well as annual and long range maintenance programs

MMS Features:

Needs Based Maintenance Budgeting:
MMS enables maintenance managers to build their annual budgets for a diverse set of activities.  This budget is driven by needs determined from an inventory of assets, their current condition and agency defined levels of service.

State-of-the-Art Management Methods:
MMS is founded upon "state-of-the-art" management methods for the efficient and effective allocation of scarce resources.  MMS enables maintenance managers to best utilize the available time, people, equipment, materials, and funds in each maintenance area by making informed decisions in an efficient and timely manner.

Fully Integrated, Yet Modular:
MMS provides a fully integrated maintenance management system when the five modules (planning, organizing, tracking and reviewing) are used together.  Alternatively, any of the modules can be used on a standalone basis to upgrade your existing system in one or more areas.  This modular design also allows staged implementation.

Tracking Work to Funding Sources:
MMS enables maintenance managers to assign the cost of maintenance activities to funding sources.  This ends the cost allocation during planning and tracking nightmares often associated with funding from multiple budgets or cost recovery work.

MMS - Organizing planning and budgeting routines allow a manager to easily make "tradeoffs" among activities to achieve the best mix of work when there are insufficient funds available to achieve all level of service targets.  The impact on cost and work plan can be readily assessed and remedial action can be implemented prior to finalizing the detailed annual work plan.

Local Work Activities (Tasks):
Use Local Work Activities to customize agency work activities for local resources or conditions.  Local Work Activities consist of Activity Details, Work Load Distribution, More Information, Labour, Equipment, Materials, and Cost information.
The Local Work Activities screen documents what the activity is, how it is done and what resources are used (labour, equipment, materials).  The cost tab provides information on the resulting unit cost of the activity.

Organizing Projects:
The Projects feature enables the maintenance manager to identify related attributes performed to the same assets.  The group of activities is then managed as a unique project within MMS.
A master project can be created.  If there are common properties across projects.

Reviewing is about obtaining data to easily compare how you are doing to what you planned to do.
Data needs to be:
    Timely - data is not 2 or 3 weeks old
    Pertinent - applies to the person reviewing the data
MMS - Reviewing has:
Standard reports for review by management
Customizable reports
Both Detailed and Summary level reports
Reports that are easy to create and understand by both novice and experienced system users.

Integrates With Data Viewer:
MMS integrates with Data Viewer therefore enables the user to access the powerful analysis, querying, and reporting features of Data Viewer.

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