VEMAX Services Include:

Software Development:

We have been building software for over 25 years, specializing in asset management as well as generic and custom database software.  Our specialty is in creating database-related software however our skill-set goes beyond that.  We build custom software, websites, and smart phone apps (for Windows, iOS and Android).

Our primary focus when building any application is to make the product as flexible and user-friendly as possible.  We always go to great lengths to ensure that the software will meet the needs of our clients for many years so we build in the ability for the software to adapt as the client's needs change over time.

Software Support and Training:
VEMAX Staff work very hard to ensure that our clients receive the support and training they need.  Every client is different so we provide custom training packages to suit their needs.  We always tell our clients that we are just a phone call or email away and to not hesitate to contact us if they have questions or issues with the software. 

We never stop enhancing our products and most of the features that go into our software are requests from our clients.  It is very rewarding when clients tell us how quickly we are able to provide a customized feature for their needs.

Database Analysis:
VEMAX IT staff are database experts with many years of experience with various types of databases.  Our products are great analysis tools that our clients use on a daily basis.  We also provide advanced, customized database analysis for our clients on an as needed basis.

IT Consulting:
VEMAX IT professionals provide excellent consulting services for many different types of software and hardware.  We have such a great working relationship with our clients that they seek our advice on a regular basis for anything IT-related.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or requests.
VEMAX Services
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