Work Request Register (WRR)

Work Request Register (WRR) is designed to identify work for scheduling purposes.  WRR allows you to plan and organize specific activities for a work request and assign those activities to crews.  WRR also gives you the ability to track the progress of work requests, as well as the individual activities for a specific work request.

WRR Features:

Record Work Request from Various Sources:
WRR allows you to enter work identified via asset condition rating, routine maintenance or work, or public complaints.  WRR acts as a scheduling tool as well as an excellent complaint management system.

Request Inspection and Record Results:
WRR allows managers to request inspections on requested work, as well as review the results of the inspection once completed.  Managers can then make informed decisions about completing work or canceling the request.

Link Documents and Images to Request for Easy Access:
WRR allows document and image files to be linked to a work request.  The files can then be opened from WRR saving time by avoiding having to search for the files.  By linking such items as images of the site taken by inspectors managers can make better informed decisions.

Print Scheduling Reports:
The scheduling report enables you to print the required activities for the work requests by crew.  The report allows space for crews to record the work accomplished for entry back into WRR.  This allows for managers to easily identify the progress of the work request.

Integrates With Data Viewer:
WRR integrates with Data Viewer therefore enables the user to access the powerful analysis, querying, and reporting features of Data Viewer.
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